Welcome to Motion Shark (Sharing of knowledge). 

Simplifying accessibility and increasing security of your knowledge

MotionShark.com is a free internet portal for sharing of knowledge based on the knowledge management technology Motion developed by StormingForce Technologies Ltd.
Motion is the most secure place to store and work with your knowledge with guaranteed full and instant internet access.
No special skills are required to use this portal so if you are looking for something more difficult or complicated (challenging) please look somewhere else. This portal is primarily for non-commercial use hence the number of users you might add to your Shark account and data usage is limited.


If your ambition exceeds the space available on this portal there’s nothing easier than to upgrade your Shark Motion Space or to obtain your own copy of Motion server (Please contact info@StormingForce.com).


Ensuring privacy while protecting your knowledge.

We achieve this with

  • Knowledge is stored on optimized and secured dedicated MS SQL servers with restricted access
    • Web and data servers are separated
    • All data are backed up regularly
    •  Backups are also stored at different locations in case of natural disaster, fire or any other unexpected event
  • Servers are managed by professional web and data hosting company http://www.welia.cz
  • Servers are in the secure complex in EU.
  • You and only you have a full control over your knowledge in Motion
  • To increase security of your knowledge  you might obtain your own copy of Motion technology to run it on any computer of your choice (to do this please contact info@StormingForce.com)

It is possible to remove easily your Motion Shark account and all your data from MotionShark.com and Motion database without any obstacle!