Motion Shark Development

Our goal is to reward you for your knowledge and skills. More you know, more you get and not only here on portal Knowledge management is about people not about a technology and that’s why it will be only you who will benefit from improved knowledge management skills in your every day’s life.

The Motion Shark development is divided into several grades. Each grade contains a short description of selected feature of Motion technology and an easy tutorial to learn how to use it. For example the tutorial might be as simple as to go to a specific page, tick the check box there and then click on hyperlink to see the result of this action.

After completion of each tutorial you will be rewarded with more Motion Shark space. Although this is a fully automated process it is possible that some checks are in place (for example if that check box was really ticked or if the time spent doing this tutorial allowed you at least to read a description of described feature).  This should ensure that you will be able to use a selected Motion feature correctly for your own benefit because remember it is about you and about what you can do and not about what Motion technology is capable of.

All tutorials are started from tab dialog “My Tutorial” of the page “My Shark”.  On this page you will also upgrade your data usage limit of your Shark account after each tutorial is completed.

Executing tutorials in Motion - HotSpot 

Tutorials are executed in user interface Motion - HotSpot which is a special interface of Motion technology for external execution of knowledge stored in Motion database.

After a new tutorial is started you will find a case with instructions what to do and what is an expected result on the right side of your web browser and on its left side you will have a validation and navigation dialog.

Please follow the given instruction and when you are finished please continue to the next step.

Before continuing to the next step (case) you should click on one of the following validation image buttons “Fail”  or “Pass” to report the result of this step (case).

Please report “Pass” if you have been able to complete all given instructions and you understood what you were supposed to do and “Fail” if you feel that instructions were not clear enough. The step (case) result has no influence on the outcome of whole tutorial. (After the tutorial is completed your account will be upgraded regardless of case results.)

Then please click on image button “Save & Next”to continue to the next step (case).

Note: When a new tutorial is started you will receive an email notification with access details to this tutorial. That’s why any tutorial might be interrupted any time by clicking on image button “Close”  and finished later. It is also possible to continue with unfinished tutorial from tab dialog "My Tutorial" of page "My Shark" by clicking on button "Continue a tutorial for next Shark grade".